About iLearn

Your #1 source for interactive online education learning software and teaching resources for schools, individuals and homeschoolers.

iLearn Interactive’s commitment to you

iLearn Interactive is your #1 source for interactive online education learning software and teaching resources. We provide solutions for schools, individuals and homeschoolers.

iLearn Interactive (formerly New Beginnings) is made up of a dedicated team of teachers and parents who are committed to providing New Zealand and Australian schools the best Web 2.0 online interactive educational resources.

iLearn Interactive is based on:

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Delivering the best solution for your needs
  • Knowing what works in the classroom
  • Understanding how children learn best
  • A desire to give parents tools to help their children

Who is iLearn interactive?

  • A team of Teachers serving New Zealand and Australian schools.
  • Parents who are passionate about seeing children reach their potential.
  • A company who prides itself on integrity and honesty.
  • Proud to represent quality resources like Maths-Whizz, Linguascope and Talking Dice.

The team

Chris Perkinson

Chris is full time with iLearn Interactive and is passionate about providing schools and families with online resources to help children reach their full potential. As an experienced teacher and parent of three children, she is happy to advise you on the solution for your school or home.

Ross Perkinson

A Maths and Science Secondary School Teacher with 25 years experience. Ross enjoys using Web2.0 tools on his interactive whiteboard in his classroom and has pioneered the use of KnowledgeNet into his school. He knows what works in the classroom and is committed to only representing those resources that he would want to use in his own classroom or school.

Robyn Rae

Robyn is an experienced language teacher, having taught French, Spanish, Japanese and German. Robyn is also currently teaching English. Robyn is our language specialist and is happy to assist schools in the best language resources for their school. Robyn also writes a monthly e-newsletter for language teachers and for our Linguascope subscribers, so be sure to sign up for our e-news.

iLearn Interactive started as New Beginnings NZ Ltd in 2003 with a focus on preschoolers learning languages. Over the years, we have moved into online resources and now cater for schools, student and adult learners, and homeschooling families.