“If there is one set of data that I trust it is the data I get from Maths-Whizz”
Ted Barks, Pt England School

“Maths-Whizz is a great programme that develops independence and helps us cater to the individual learning needs of our students. The data that our teachers receive is easily accessible in a detailed report and assists with further development of an effective Mathematical learning environment. Maths-Whizz is easy to integrate into the classroom and makes any program more effective.”
Russell Burt, Principal, Pt England School

“After using Maths Whizz at our school for a number of years we now would not be without it. After completing an action learning analysis into the use of the programme we saw significant growth in our students who used maths whizz for 60 minutes per week, in comparison with students who did not. We are sold on the benefits of real time reporting, a personally designed and targeted mathematical learning pathway, links to the New Zealand Curriculum and fantastic support from both the developers and company directors. If your teachers regularly monitor the programme you cannot help but see improvements across the mathematical strands.”
Aaron Kemp, MEdLM (First Class Hon) Principal, Mangawhai Beach School

“After trialing Maths-Whizz and seeing the benefits for our students, we now use it at all levels. Already, after one year, data is showing that students who have been using Maths-Whizz for 60 minutes or more are making accelerated progress through the GloSS stages compared to other students. Maths-Whizz automatically sets differentiated, adaptive programmes for each child, saving teachers time and ensuring children are getting lessons at their level in each topic. We are excited about the differences Maths-Whizz is making for our students and the time it is saving our teachers as they use the data to make their OTJ’s, analyse student and class-wide strengths and weaknesses, and are provided with interactive exercises to use with the students.”
Curtis Gaylor, Principal, Ruawai Primary School

“The students’ confidence in maths has grown over the time they have used this programme. They have become more accountable for their learning and now they can see how you can track their progress with ease. I like the way the programme sets individual learning levels and increases them for the students automatically. The reports you can get from a student to class helps with developing areas to teach groups. One other thing I like is I can go into individual tests the students are having trouble with and have that as part of teaching for the day. I really enjoy Maths Whizz and finally my students like their stickers I send them for their improvements.”
Adele Salter, Teacher, Ruawai Primary School

“If I had to pick just one digital program for my students to have access to, then this would be it!”
Cheryl Wahineiti Manley, Rotorua Intermediate

“Seatoun School has been trialling Maths-Whizz this year and we are impressed with the data correlation between the initial diagnostic assessment that the Maths-Whizz programme administers, and our own assessments. Class-wide weaknesses identified by Maths-Whizz were also identified in our PAT tests, which will mean Maths-Whizz will be a valuable and reliable tool to add to our OTJ discussions and decisions. Maths-Whizz will automatically give students lessons targeting the identified weaknesses. Comments from students are also encouraging, with many indicating that they feel they are ‘learning’ with Maths-Whizz rather than ‘practicing’ as they have been with other programmes.”
John Western, Principal, Seatoun

“Maths Whizz is by far, the best online programme that I have ever come across and I would have no hesitation about recommending it to any school.  It provides each student with a personalised maths programme that enables them to work specifically at their level, have their own learning needs addressed and allows them work at their own pace. Putting together such individualised teaching and learning in any other programme would take hours and hours of planning.  Student participation is also high. I find it extremely easy to engage the students with Maths Whizz and they remain motivated and keen throughout the year and I do not have to struggle with waning interest. The ‘School Parade’ is a real hit and we have a trophy to hand out each week.  I also appreciate the fact that all areas of the maths curriculum are constantly being consolidated. I know that when I’m focusing on measurement in the class for example, the students are still revisiting all the other concepts – particularly those which they need additional support.  The tracking of students is second to none. With a couple of clicks I can get an instant overview of my class and quickly identify strengths and weaknesses as a whole, guiding my teaching, along with being able to see any students who may be struggling. I am then able to easily drill down further to ascertain where the needs are and what is required to allow them to continue to make significant progress with their maths.  Finally, the supporting ‘teacher resource’ section provides us with an abundance of resources, both interactive and paper based, to further enhance our classroom teaching.  Maths Whizz is a fantastic teaching and learning programme that I would never be without.”
Veronica Stevens, Wellesley College, Wellington

“When we saw Maths-Whizz via a Skype presentation, we were hooked. Maths-Whizz brings 21st century learning to life as students, teachers and whanau make the best use of technology to develop not only mathematical competency but an internalised self-motivated learning disposition as well. It provides rich data in meaningful, easy to access reports. Dare yourself to make a real difference to mathematical achievement.”
Allan Robertson, Principal Yalhurst School

“My children love Maths whizz!! The animated lessons motivate them both to achieve better. It’s user friendly for both children and parents. I love being able to track what my children are learning, how they are achieving and being able to assist with their learning. Big thumbs up Whizz!”
Delanie Parangi, Te Rangi Āniwaniwa

“The implementation and on-going administration of Whizz has been easy for myself as a principal and for classroom teachers. Whizz engages kids and supports individualised learning anywhere, anytime, anyplace”
Karen Reynolds Principal Hikutaia School.

“Through ongoing Teaching as Inquiry, it is evident that active integration of Maths-Whizz fosters cognitive engagement and raises student achievement.
I have observed an incredible shift in attitude toward maths learning. Maths-Whizz creates a classroom culture where learning maths is fun – and if children a relaxed and happy, they’re a lot more willing to learn!   I have taught for nearly 20 years and I have never seen such motivation for learning maths, and to be honest, I wouldn’t want to teach without it now.”
Fiona Hett, TIC Maths, Mangawhai Beach School

“We have recently started our senior students on the Maths-Whizz programme. They are very excited by the learning opportunities and teachers are looking forward to utilising the student data in their teaching programmes. Chris was incredibly helpful setting us up and training our staff so we can eventually have our entire school using the programme.”
Trevor Jeffries, Khandallah School

“Teachers are enjoying being able to see the student results displayed graphically so they can see at a glance what are the ‘next steps’ for each individual. It is wonderful to see the kids so excited about Maths that they are spending their weekends on Maths-Whizz”
Dorothy Burt, eLearning Team Leader, Pt England School.

“High student engagement, meets individual needs, great for administration purposes, keeps pushing kids to achieve, they’re on it before school and at home too”.
Luke Rakoczy, Western Heights Primary

“The Teachers at Kings School have been enjoying using Maths-Whizz Teacher Resource. I have been very impressed with the quality of the animations, delivery of the content and the way it presents strategies in a fun and engaging way for the boys The Maths-Whizz interactive whiteboard is easy to use and has enhanced our teaching of maths.”
Dave McEwan, Deputy Headmaster Kings School, Auckland

“Love the program and will do whatever it takes to secure it long term.  The results speak for themselves. One child arrived at WHPS mid last year. We put her on Whizz and her progress steadily improved. She sat the initial assessment again on Tuesday and did extremely well.  The data speaks for itself. In February 2014 I had a mum who came to see me concerned about her daughter’s maths ability. We signed her up with Whizz last year and she has improved dramatically. She is now confidently working at National Standards.  Not only that the kids absolutely love it. If they get any spare time they are straight on whizz. One boy turned up at 7am this morning. He immediately asked if he could get on whizz as he doesn’t have Internet at home. Unfortunately for him I made him put all the chairs down first but then he jumped on.  Every day we set ourselves a goal to achieve- beginning with the end in mind. Wednesday’s goal was to beat Phoebe at whizz as she is currently the most improved. No one achieved this goal so they decided to set it again today. You’ll be glad to know Phoebe still hasn’t been beat.  I really love the way you can show the progression to parents. The blue improve my lines are so powerful. “This is where your child was, this is their improvement.  Whizz is brilliant and by far the most personal, easy to use and fun maths based website. “
Craig McFayden, Assistant Principal, Western Heights School

“Room 16 had a great day today being put through the assessments for maths whizz. Those students who had it last year were looking forward to getting it again as they had really enjoyed using it. I myself was very pleased to get the programme back again as I had noticed last year how whizz had contributed to helping the children in my class with their maths learning.  The scaffolding of the strategy works really complimented my teaching on the mat and I found that when we did some strand work (time and length specifically) at the end of the year the children already had a great level of knowledge that they actually said they had learnt on maths whizz. Having the programme run virtually automatically at the child’s level and with lots of safeguards against cheating the system by children, are other positive features.”
David Bach, St Mary’s Rotorua

“Kia ora,  I just wanted to say how great I think the maths Whizz program is and how valuable it was for my program last year.
Some of the highlights are the way that the program adjusts itself to meet a student’s learning needs, the fact that it needs to be done daily so it really instils in the students that desire to be doing maths every day and achieving, and the ease with which students can be monitored and rewarded. The aspects of fun are really enjoyed by the students, such as gaining credits and spending them, growing pets etc.  I feel that this program brings together several successful elements of other types of learning programs and combines them into a one stop shop.  If I had to pick just one digital program for my students to have access to, then this would be it.”
Nga mihi, Cheryl, Rotorua Intermediate

“Students who are reluctant in the area of maths love using Maths Whizz it is like we are tricking them into learning because they don’t feel like they are doing maths.  It is great because students can compete against themselves and aiming for green ticks, certificates, rewards etc but the really competitive students compete against others.  Meets the needs of our 21st century learner students it is hands on, interactive and engaging.  For one of my students I could barely get any work out of him in class, but spent hours and hours on whizz.”
Jodi Hepburn, Rotorua Intermediate

“I found math whizz to be invaluable for my students. The fact that it targeted their needs was amazing as it allowed each student the opportunity to focus on what they actually needed to work on as opposed to doing whatever the current unit happened to be.  My students really enjoyed seeing their progress and were always excited to see how far they had moved.  I found it fantastic to be able to see at a glance what students had been working on and it also gave me great opportunities to conference with them individually targeted specific needs.  I used the teacher resource for tutorials and the students preferred this due to having audio and visual cues.  Really looking forward to working with this programme again this year to really drill down what the students need.”
Kim Graham, Rotorua Intermediate

“The best aspect is that once the assessment has been completed, it’s personalised for each student, without me having to reset things. Maths Whizz is great to work with – they offer excellent support and there’s always a quick response. As a Principal, I love being able to send out personalised messages of encouragement easily, and regularly.”
Anne Lye, Principal, Churton Park School

“The Maths Whizz trial has been a great experience in my Year 1 class.
With the support from Chris my students are now confidently using Whizz independently while I can run my usual maths programme.
I have found they are all progressing and are engaged in the work. “
Alice Pritchard, Year 1 Teacher, Plimmerton School

Maths-Whizz Testimonials – Parents and Students

“Maths-Whizz is by far the best maths programme I have ever come across. The animated lessons make learning a fun and engaging experience. The parent reports are a fantastic way of keeping track of your child’s progress in different areas. My son actually asks to do Maths-Whizz he loves it so much, and as a consequence, is excelling in maths beyond his age.”
“My 11 year old is crazy about Maths-Whizz, he can’t wait to hop on the computer (which is a great incentive to get his book work done first). He is learning heaps and loves to receive challenges from other students, and stickers and messages from us.”
Rachel a’Court, Parent

“For the first time the kids actually ASK to do maths! Maths-Whizz is a very comprehensive programme that, while having fun, the children are also exposed to tutorials in specific areas in which they are demonstrating weaknesses. The teacher resources are extensive and easily accessible.”
Suzanne Croad, Parent

“We find we enjoy maths more because it makes our learning easier.”
“We like the interaction in the activities and it is good how it teaches you new ways of learning”
Students, Ruawai Primary School

“At the age of six my daughter was in tears, not wanting to go to school because she ‘couldn’t’ do Maths. I had no idea how much pressure kids put on themselves when they first start school – expecting to be able to know everything straight away. Then Maths-Whizz was introduced to her school.   The difference in Lily’s attitude towards learning has been incredible. She ASKS to do her Maths now – there are no more tears and heartache. She can’t wait to log in everyday and has newfound confidence in her ability that has transcended in to everyday things. The part that I like the most is that if she wants to have a break she is able to decorate her virtual bedroom or see how her points are adding up and go to the virtual shop and shout herself something for all her hard work! Then she happily returns to her sums. IT has variation and is entertaining – it is practical learning.  I just wanted to thank the people who brought Maths-Whizz to our little town for their understanding of what children need to succeed in what can be a scary new world.  Best wishes and greatest thanks.”
Julieanne Francis. Lily’s Mum
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