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New Release – Topic Focus

Announcing Topic Focus

Read the Maths-Whizz blog here about the latest in ‘Topic Focus’ which now gives more control to the classroom teacher. With this release you will be able to set a specific topic that your students will access the next time they go into Tutor, and will remain on this topic for the next 3 progressions.


Maths-Whizz is an online tutor for mathematics that is a fraction of the cost of private tutoring.
Maths-Whizz assesses each student and gives them a maths-age for each topic. It then sets an engaging individualised programme of learning for each child providing teaching, exercises and tests all at the student’s level in a fun, interactive and responsive online environment.
Parents have access to the reports and are able to drill down into areas of difficulty and clearly see progress students are making in each topic.

If students use Maths-Whizz for 90 minutes a week on average, their maths age will increase by TWO years for every year of chronological growth.

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Maths-Whizz Programme Overview

Maths-Whizz Overview – Teacher and Student Voice

Sample LessonsSample ExercisesSample Report

Here are a few samples from Maths-Whizz bank of over 1200 math lessons.

With over 1,200 maths lessons for kids from reception to year 8, and an unlimited number of problems, children always have something new and exciting to learn! With personalised instruction and meaningful content delivered through interactive and engaging animations, learning maths has never been this much fun.

Addition & Subtraction

Year 1-3

Know subtraction facts by heart

Year 4-6

Mental calculation strategies

Year 7-9

Rapid recall of integer and decimal

Multiplication & Division

Year 1-3

Begin to understand division as sharing

Year 4-6


Year 7-9

Multiply 3-digit x 2-digit whole numbers (grid)


Year 1-3

Recognize and find one half of small numbers

Year 4-6

Recognize fractions that are parts of a whole

Year 7-9

Use fractions to describe parts of shapes


Year 1-3

Use everyday words to describe position

Year 4-6


Year 7-9

Know the sum

Worded Problems

Year 1-3

Distinguish coins of varying values

Year 4-6

Solving problems including money

Year 7-9

Solving worded problems using algebra

Samples from Maths-Whizz bank of over 1,200 maths exercises



Count up to 5 sounds reliably

Adding and Subtracting

Find a total by counting on when one group of objects is hidden

Exploring Pattern, Shape and Space

Use everyday words to describe position in context

Year 1

Place Value

Estimate whether there are enough items

Mental Calculation Strategies (+,-)

Use signs to record subtraction (difference)

Counting and Properties of Numbers

Count on in ones from any small number

Year 2

Mental Calculation Strategies

Add 9 by adding 10 and subtracting 1

Place Value


Rapid Recall – multiplication and division

Division facts for 2 times table

Year 3

Rapid Recall – multiplication and division

Practice doubling whole numbers to 20

Shape and Space

Position, Direction and Movement


Use everyday words to describe position in context

Year 4

Rapid Recall – multiplication and division

Recall of division facts corresponding to 2x table

Shape and Space

Identify simple nets of cubes


Begin to relate unit fractions to division

Year 5

Place Value

Multiplying by 10 and 100

Mental Calculation Strategies – multiplication and division


Properties of Numbers

Recognise multiples of 7

Year 6


Change an improper fraction to a mixed number

Shape and Space

Recognise where a shape will be after a reflection

Rapid Recall – multiplication and division

Learning multiplication facts up to 10 x 10

Year 7

Rapid Recall – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

Rapid recall of integer and decimal complements

Shape and Space

Explore nets of 3D shapes

Equations, Formulae and Identities

Solve linear equations (integers, coefficients) using balancing ideas

Year 8

Percentages, Ratio and Proportion

Express one number as a percentage of another

Sequences, Functions and Graphs

Deduce and use the formula for the area of a trapezium

Equations, Formulae and Identities

Construct and solve linear equations (unknown on both sides, with brackets)

Sample maths report for an individual student

Take a look at a sample interactive parent report below. The data in this report is from an actual student, but the name of the student has been changed.

The maths report explained

Report Tab

Once your child has completed their assessment, you will be able to view their report. At a glance, you can easily identify the improvement your child has made within a given time period, how much time your child has spent on the Maths-Whizz tutor and how well they have done in each of the exercises they have completed.

Progression Tab

You can see that tuition is delivered to your child’s ability or maths age rather than actual age. This means your child is consistently challenged at the right level. The Maths-Whizz online tutor delivers lessons across all maths topics to move your child’s overall maths age forward but with extra attention given to the weaker topics. Measurable progress is shown by the blue boxes. Progress is shown when your child not only completes an animated lesson but short text questions too. That is very important because in this way, Maths-Whizz prepares your child for success in school tests.


In the History tab, projections can be made about your child based on previous improvement on Maths-Whizz. The chart indicates that if your child uses Maths-Whizz Tutoring Plus in Tutor mode, for approximately 30 to 90 minutes each week, their maths age will improve on average by two years within a 12 month period. A routine of consistent use will produce best results. The Text Report tab shows a written summary of the status of your child in each of the topics areas.