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What is Maths-Whizz?

Maths-Whizz is an online maths tutor that caters to your child’s unique ability – helping them reach their true potential and preparing them for success in school. As an alternative to a private tutor, it is designed to simulate the behaviour of a human tutor, delivering the ideal lesson to progress your child’s learning ability. *****

Why choose Maths-Whizz?

Maths-Whizz caters for children of all abilities. Whether your child is at the top, middle or bottom of their year group, Maths-Whizz will identify their unique learning needs and ensure that their untapped potential is fulfilled.

What do you need to do?

On average, students improve their Maths Age by 18 months in the first year of use when they use Maths-Whizz for an hour a week. Maths-Whizz gets the best results with well-informed parents who schedule time for their children to use Maths-Whizz and view their online reports on a regular basis.

Why is it so successful?

Over the last ten years, Maths-Whizz has helped thousands of children around around the world to reach their potential in maths. View the glowing reports from parents, which testify to the success of Maths-Whizz and demonstrate how Maths-Whizz can work for you and your child.

What is Maths-Whizz?

The online alternative to a private tutor – the future of personalised learning

Maths-Whizz is an online maths tutor for kids that caters to your child’s unique ability – helping them reach their true potential and preparing them for success in school. As an alternative to a private tutor, it is designed to simulate the behaviour of a human tutor. It never gets bored or frustrated and never judges your child. It just delivers the ideal lesson to progress your child’s learning ability. That’s why Maths-Whizz is the award winning, industry leading online maths tutor.

Benefits for your child

Your child fulfils their untapped maths potential

Maths-Whizz is an online tutor in maths that caters to your child’s unique ability – helping them reach their true potential and preparing them for success in school.

Maths-Whizz uses ‘Maths Age’, just like ‘reading age’. You want your child’s Maths Age to go up. Experience has shown that children who use maths-Whizz for 60 minutes a week improve their Maths Age by, on average, 18 months in the space of just one year.

Every lesson your child receives is matched to their exact learning needs.

The first thing the maths tutor will do when your child first logs on is ask them a few maths questions to find out what they like, as well as what they don’t like. Find out their starting ability in all the different topics in the maths curriculum, as well as their overall Maths Age. From there, your child will get the right lessons at the right time, with extra help when needed and extra attention given to their weaker topics – ensuring that your child receives the lesson that will bring out their potential.

Your child builds confidence in Maths.

Maths-Whizz lessons are presented in an interactive, animated and powerfully dynamic environment. A whole new learning experience is created – with games, adventures, medals and certificates for success.

Your child can buy toys and plants for their virtual play area using credits earned through their hard work on Maths-Whizz. Reward structures such as these incentivise learning, reducing the potential for ‘burnout’. Rest assured, your child will remain engaged, excited and motivated to learn, all the while building confidence in their ability.

Benefits for parents

You don’t have to decide what your child should learn next – Maths-Whizz does it for you.

What that means to you as a parent is that you don’t have to worry about what to teach your child next; the Maths-Whizz tutor does that for you, it acts like a human tutor.

If your child is given a lesson that they don’t understand, Maths-Whizz recognises that and uses a different lesson to bring that understanding across in a safe and secure environment. Maths-Whizz also provides you with special tools to make your life even easier. You can still stay one step ahead by viewing the lessons that your child is struggling with, as well as the lessons that your child will be working on next.

You instantly understand your child’s unique maths ability.

Your Maths-Whizz subscription includes the Parent Dashboard with multiple views to suit your needs. This enables quick access to real-time reporting features that allow you to stay up to date on your child’s progress both overall and across different topics. Not only does it take the guesswork out of ‘what did you learn today?’ – it’s like having access to an end of term report every day! You’ll love how easy it is to play an active role in your child’s maths education.

Yours child’s individual learning journey can continue regardless of your schedule.

Your child’s learning does not have to stop when their teachers do. You can schedule your child’s usage for a time that works for you and for your child, then you are free to continue with your day, safe in the knowledge that your child is being given the individual support that they need. The Maths-Whizz tutor will do all the hard work for you, but unlike a human tutor, it will never get bored or frustrated and never judges.

Why choose Maths-Whizz?

Maths-Whizz helps children fulfil their potential and gives parents instant clarity.

Whether your child is at the top, middle or bottom of their year group, Maths-Whizz will identify their unique learning needs and ensure that these needs are addressed.
Fulfil your child’s potential – the award winning online maths tutor is a click away!

What are the main features of the maths tutoring programme?

Maths-Whizz provides

  • Educationally powerful content
  • Personalised learning journey
  • Powerful dynamic environment to keep your child engaged, excited, and motivated to learn
  • Live parental reports
  • Safe and secure environment
  • Ease of use
  • Availability anytime online through any PC or laptop

How does the online tutor teach your child maths?

Assess - Teach - Report


The first thing the maths tutor will do when your child first logs on is ask them a few maths questions to find out what they like, as well as what they don’t like. From this, the tutor will find out their starting ability in range of topics across the maths curriculum, as well as their overall Maths Age. The tutor is then able to continually assess your child’s ability based upon their progress in each lesson. As a result, your child will get the right lessons at the right time, with extra attention in their weaker topics.


Maths-Whizz does more than review and provide practice – it teaches. In each lesson…

  1. The concept is explained in an engaging way using interactive animations.
  2. The practice questions are set. It is at this stage that the Maths-Whizz tutor comes into its own. In the same way that a human tutor would do, the Maths-Whizz tutor instantly reacts to your child’s needs and provides extra maths help if they struggle to understand a concept.
  3. The new knowledge is tested so that your child learns to apply what they have learnt to a classroom or test environment.


In the meantime, as a parent, you can view live reports at any time. This allows you to see your child’s Maths Age, as well as how they are progressing in different topics.
It’s like having access to an end of term report every day!

Online tutoring best practice

Please read the following section carefully! Parents play a crucial part in their child’s success.

Maths-Whizz gets the best results with well-informed parents who view their online reports on a regular basis and schedule time for their children to use the online tutor for 60 minutes a week. If you follow these best practice guidelines and fulfil the expectations for parental involvement in Maths-Whizz, you can guarantee the best results for your child.

Usage levels on Maths-Whizz

Regular usage guarantees sustained improvement and long-term confidence. It is essential that you create a weekly routine, ensuring that your child uses the Maths-Whizz tutor two to three times a week for 20 to 30 minutes. Since Maths-Whizz is an engaging online learning environment, your child may initially exceed the recommended tutorial time. You are advised to create a disciplined schedule from the beginning, in order to prevent ‘burnout’. Equally important, if your child under-uses the online tutor, it is your role as a parent to ensure that they stick to their schedule. ‘Little and often’ is key!

Weekly Planner

Download and print the Weekly Planner, then agree upon a schedule that your child buys into in order to ensure long-term, sustained improvement. Let your child put their personalised plan up on their wall and then make sure they stick to it!

Proof Pack

Experience has shown that children who use the Maths-Whizz tutor for 60 minutes a week improve their Maths Age by, on average, 18 months in the space of just one year. Download the Maths-Whizz Proof Pack for more information.

Your child’s maths reports

Maths-Whizz reports demonstrate your child’s progress using ‘Maths Age’. Just like ‘reading age’, Maths Age is Whizz Education’s standard based on the national curriculum, which is continuously measured and provided in the live parent reports. Parental reports allow you to print progress reports to share with teachers or quickly prepare your Home Education reports and portfolios. You can even print certificates or send motivational messages safely and securely to your child.

More confident children may find their Maths Age is ahead of their actual age, whereas less confident children may find their Maths Age is lower than their actual age. Furthermore, their ability may vary across the different topics. Regardless of your child’s starting ability in maths, you want your child’s Maths Age to go up. Over time, your child’s Maths Age will not only improve, but they will also catch up in their weaker topics, giving them a more ’rounded’ maths profile.

Maths-Whizz case studies

Over the last ten years, Whizz Education has been at the forefront of a learning revolution. The advanced technology delivers maths lessons that are designed by leading educationalists, and then personalised and adapted for each and every child’s needs. Having taught thousands of children worldwide, we understand that parents must encourage correct usage of Maths-Whizz in order to achieve success. The tutor is engaging, easy to use and educationally powerful, but the difference between cases with parental involvements and and cases without is as clear as the difference between light and day.

Case Study 1

From the very first time I was recommended to consider Maths-Whizz and saw the video demo I was sold on it. I realised that it would empower us as parents to assist our children with their Maths knowledge and understanding in a completely structured, considered and integrated manner, using a programme that was personalised to their individual ability… Maths-Whizz has not disappointed in any way. Both of my children have a secure understanding of Maths despite being at opposite ends of the ability spectrum… Thank you Maths-Whizz, you empowered us as parents to achieve maths success for and with our children… I can’t recommend or speak highly enough of [Maths-Whizz].
If you utilise the program frequently and systematically… then I have no doubt that your child will share the success that my children have attained. Perhaps more than just the actual attainment I have no doubt that your children will also find joy, satisfaction, and a great sense of achievement in their mathematical ability, to the extent that a subject that was once feared becomes their preferred subject of choice.
Be clear Maths Whizz is not a free lunch – as with all things in life that actually work, it requires time, effort, and perseverance, but if you and your children stick at it and stay the distance it will deliver mathematical knowledge and a resultant leap in your child’s self-esteem and self-confidence.

Mark Banister, Parent and School Governor

Case Study 2

Both my sons, Toby and Connor, have been using Maths-Whizz successfully over the last 5 years. I have found Maths-Whizz to be an invaluable aid to both increasing my sons’ confidence in Maths and raising their ability levels.
When I first subscribed, my sons were 4 and 5. At that age it is imperative that the parent sits with their child when they are using the product – not to help them with the answers but to help them use the product correctly. I would say when a child reaches 7 [years old,] there is no need for the parent to be present but every need to ensure that the children have the correct usage levels. After much trial and error, I have reached the following approach, which ensures 30-40 minutes usage a week. [For four days a week,] When they get up in the morning they are not allowed any TV/iPads/Nintendo DS etc. unless they complete 3 separate sections of Maths-Whizz (either a test or lesson). This approach ensures that their “Maths Age” [at least] correlates to their actual age.
Toby started a year before Connor and was quite computer savvy at 4, so has consistently been 1 to 2 years ahead of work he completes at school. Connor is [also] about a year ahead of his school work. […] What is fascinating as a parent is how schools are unable to give my children personal attention matched to their ability. Teachers have consistently failed to recognise (despite very high pass rates) that my children are able to do more demanding work at school. It seems to me that schools very much teach to the masses and the mean, which means that your children could progress quicker but are not given the resources!
[…] I would recommend this product to any parent and encourage them to start their children on the Maths-Whizz programme earlier rather than later. With the caveat that parental involvement is key, please ensure correct usage and monitor their reports [and] Maths-Whizz will take care of the rest.

Gemma Malone, Parent

What Parents Say

Real parents of Maths-Whizzers share their experiences with Maths-Whizz Tutoring Plus.

We LOVE your product. Anna is a five year old Russian girl who has just started her schooling in UK and Maths-Whizz not only improves her math skills but also helps her a lot in learning English! Good luck with your wonderful job.


Maths-Whizz has assisted to increase my sons confidence and skills and I am sure that it has attributed to his excellent SATs results and him now being in the top set of Maths at his Secondary school. I believe the completion of exercises on-line has also made it easier for my son to adapt to using the on-line system the secondary school use to complete homework.


The teacher is fabulous and has already stepped up my son’s work and is at last ‘fulfilling his true potential’. This is definitely on the back of all he has learnt through Maths Whizz and I have recommended it to several people.


Maths Whizz is an excellent product, can’t recommend it enough. Our first year’s subscription expires in September, and we shall definitely be signing for another year. I just wish my daughter was taught maths using your system in school!


As a home educator, mathswhizz has been a godsend to me, no preparation or planning lessons, just straight in and doing maths each day. The lessons being tailored to the individual is wonderful as I have 2 children, one ahead of their age and one behind. They have both improved significantly and enjoy buying pets for their bedrooms.


Unlike other maths games online, Maths Whizz varies the exercises constantly and actually adjusts the levels of the lessons it sets to the ability of your child. This is a great feature as they get to cover a much wider area of the curriculum than perhaps they would via self choice. The exercises are fun and eye catching and the ability to earn credits in order to buy virtual pets is a great way to encourage extra maths practise!


My 10yr old loves Maths Whizz and will go on the site without being prompted. I’m only too happy to recommend the site to schools, parents and colleagues. Keep up the good work.


Despite being a secondary teacher, I dreaded doing extra maths with my daughter who is in reception! She had very little stamina and became upset when she didn’t understand a concept immediately. Although I knew she needed extra help, I was frightened I would put her off maths if I pushed too hard. Since subscribing to Maths Whizz, both her ability and confidence have grown. She regularly does twenty minutes of online tutorials and actually enjoys doing written work with me to support these!

Diane Moore

Home education, and the use of Maths Whizz has freed him up to work at his own pace, with every step wonderfully and clearly explained, (as many times as you like) with the ability to move forward where he can and go slowly in the areas in which he struggles, with constant hard evidence of progress. This is exactly what is needed for these ‘special’ children and no matter how ‘tactful’ schools are or how carefully they ‘differentiate’ work, or how much support they get, they cannot possibly achieve this. Home study on Maths whizz is a completely different approach. It works wonders. He has made around six month’s progress in the 4 months since starting. For a child who was failing so badly in school, this is astonishing.

T. Brand (UK home educator)

My son, who is 12 and has special needs and is home educated, has been using Maths Whizz for some months now. Maths Whizz has been a real breakthrough for a child with special needs who has for six years struggled (despite full time 1:1 learning support) in mainstream school, always feeling ‘left behind’. He quickly learned to avoid even attempting to understand the work rather than demonstrate to others and (more importantly) to himself the true magnitude of his difficulties.

T. Brand (UK home educator)

I think it is a great website and really helps Joshua to understand the mathematical concepts needed to excel in this subject. It is done in a very child friendly way that encourages them to do more and enjoy the challenge. The fact that Maths-Whizz shows where the child goes wrong and how to correct it is invaluable. I would also recommend this to home schoolers


I like Math-Whizz for the fact I get to see how the children are supposed to learn to do maths. This is nothing like how I was taught. As the children don’t get math books to bring home, it’s hard for a parent to keep up

Yancy Jones

My daughter is really enjoying it and especially likes the fun visuals and sounds

Emma Ricketts B.Ed (hons) Primary Education, (Teacher, mum and Childminder)

My son does not think it is real work since he is on a computer! and has significantly improved his SATs KS1 prediction.

Emma May

My daughter Elizabeth has been using Whizz for 3 months and has just been moved up to the Year one class (she is in reception) for maths… the teacher has said she is really ‘maths smart’. Thanks very much!

Melanie Bridge

I coughed up to use it to supplement our programme, but very quickly it became obvious that it was of a quality that lent itself beyond supplementation and it became the core of our maths curriculum. It acts as the spine if you like, upon which all other activities hang off as a response to a visible need for further practice or additional concept teaching/checking. Technology cannot compensate for a lack of imaginative, compassionate, principled and effective teaching. The people who created this site get that, they have put the teaching in pole position and made the technology serve it, rather than the other way around.

Sarah Fonto, Home Educator

We think it is a great programme and my daughters really enjoy it.

Philippa Spits

I am writing to say how pleased I am with Maths Whizz so far. Both my boys are motivated and are enjoying the lessons. Well done on creating such stimulating and instructive lessons.

UK Parent

If Maths Whizz was available in his school I think they would have been able to see how good it was as each child can effectively go at their own pace and the online tutor is set up for each child’s level. This would benefit children of all abilities and help to support “below and above average” UK Maths primary children.

Dr Jones, Aberdeenshire

She loves Maths-Whizz and plays almost everyday. She has lagged behind in maths but maths whizz strikes the right balance for her. She loves creating her own environment, her own little space in the e-world,caring for her plants, shopping, buying toys, decorating her bedroom etc. She also likes competing with her class mates.

Janet Echols

He loves it and I hope he doesn’t lose his enthusiasm. I’m sure he won’t. I think it is a great way of learning. So thanks from a pleased mum.

Karen Cope

I think Maths Whizz is fantastic. I work in IT myself and have been unimpressed by all the “educational” CDs that purport to teach children, but are little more than silly games in disguise. Maths Whizz however is the genuine thing. The paced lessons really do try to teach and then test the child, while the credit system and rewards and games are a stroke of genuis.

Gia Luc

Can I mention I am delighted the progress both my children have made since using Maths-Whizz in December. They are both much more confident and love trying the exercises as they find them stimulating and amusing.

David Gordon

I am impressed at the service and we love Maths-Whizz

Kate Phillips

My son Connor who is 5 has been using the product for a number of months and in that time his Maths skills have developed considerably but more importantly he views the subject as fun and a game. It has also developed his IT skills and incidentally his Reading skills. Maths Whizz is a great product and has certainly helped my son, it shows us a way forward for Educating all of our Children.

Paul Malone, Southampton

Kieran has missed being able to do this at home and he had just managed to get onto the leaderboard for his school and stay on there. This was really motivating him to do some each night.

Jane Jeffs

Whizz is now working well and both my children are loving the program; my eldest has even learnt how to divide by 10 and 100!!!!! A great success in the McLean household.

Kimberly McLean

Thanks for signing the kids up to strong>maths-whizz, they absolutely love it!! I struggled to get Jamie off it tonight to eat his tea. Olivia really enjoyed using it yesterday too.


She is absolutely loving the whizz! I can’t get her off it – do you have one for english?

Amy Dixon


Alison Ashbrook

It has really helped. Her teacher said that she has exceeded all her expectations in maths and that she is actually good at it. Her previous report was that she was really struggling and needed extra help!

Sally Davidson

[Service] always prompt and has been such a fantastic learning tool and confidence builder for my son over the last 2-3 years. Thank you.

Karen MacDonald-Brown

Overall, a very good service.

Vivian Gray

Very good.

Kristin Harrison

My daughter loved the interactive nature of the activities, the graphics/sound and the store. Overall, I love the fact that students are assessed first and then activities are provided based on that assessment.

Parent UK

Online Tutor cost

Your child’s education is an investment and it starts here. You can jump-start your child’s maths education by subscribing as an individual (home based) subscriber. All NZ home based subscriptions are managed from the UK so pricing is therefore in £UK. Subscribe today for £19.99 per month or £149* per annum.

*Extra sibling discounts apply to annual subscriptions.

There are two subscription options.

  • For individuals then this is done via the UK Maths-Whizz site. Click the ‘Subscribe’ button at the top of this page to start the sign-up process.
  • If you are HomeSchooling then there is a more cost effective solution through NCHENZ. Click on this link to go to the NCHENZ site.

Subscription options

Annual subscriptionBest Value

The annual subscription provides unlimited Maths-Whizz tuition for a year. This is best value option, and is suitable for parents who are committed to sustained improvement for their child.

Monthly subscription

The monthly subscription provides unlimited Maths-Whizz tuition for each month subscribed. The monthly cost is less than the price of one hour of private tuition (typically £20 to £45 per hour). There is no contract on the monthly subscription, so it is ideal if you want to try Maths-Whizz out – seeing the results of the initial assessment and how your child responds to Maths-Whizz. Monthly subscribers can unsubscribe at any time by contacting customer service. However, monthly subscribers should upgrade to an annual subscription as soon as possible, since great results are achieved through a sustained routine of usage.

Give your child that Maths-Whizz advantage!