An online interactive language resource for teaching French, Spanish, German, Italian & English (ESOL).
New release, languages now include Russian and Te Reo Maori!


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Benefits of Linguascope

  • Easy to use
  • Everything you need on one website
  • No software to install
  • Available online 24/7 to teachers and students
  • Engages, motivates and accelerates students
  • Over 10 million users worldwide
  • Over 150 NZ and Australian schools
  • 99% re-subscription rate




Linguascope is easy for Teachers

  • Everything you need on one website
  • Resources for teaching French, Spanish, German, Italian and ESOL
  • No software to install, simply fax us your order form and we fax you with your access details (usually within 24 hours)

Resource Sharing Area

  • Over 1900 ready made resources
  • Printable worksheets, tests and activities
  • Power points, interactive flash games and activities for interactive whiteboards and mimio’s
  • Arranged in curriculum topics and search within language, topic, type of resource (eg power point)

Linguascope Activity Builder

  • Easy to Create Interactive Activities or Printable Worksheets
  • Games using your own vocab lists
  • Multichoice choice quizzes
  • Games to translate passages

Simply print these out or save the interactive flash games and uploaded them onto your school intranet, website, Learning Management Systems (KnowledgeNET and Ultranet), or use them in your classroom on a data projector, interactive whiteboard, or mimo. Games can also be put onto a CD and be given out to your students.

Here’s an example of a French Hangman game .

Down-loadable E-Books, Worksheets and Flashcards

Linguascope E-Books are categorised into 3 levels and come with Activities and Flashcards. They are currently available in French, Spanish, German and Welsh. An example is Word Sudoku to Learn French, Word Sudoku to Learn Spanish and Word Sudoku to Learn German.

This 66-page workbook introduces a fun and effective way to reinforce vocabulary through an adapted version of Sudoku. Your students won’t get enough of it!

Caution: Highly addictive!

Subscribing schools can download, print and reproduce sufficient copies of the materials for use in the classroom.

See Teacher Notes.


Interactive Web based gadgets for the modern classroom.

Effortlessly create an interactive environment on your board with a laptop and a data projector to use:

  • Stopwatch to time games or activities
  • Digital scoreboard for each team
  • Dice that you can roll for class activities and games
  • Virtual pad that you can write on
  • Random number generator
  • Spinning wheel that will randomly select a category
  • Countdown timer

Scorm-Compliant Resources

SCORM resources can be used within the school Learning Management System (like KnowlegeNET and Ultranet) to track and report on student progress.

Linguascope SCORM resources encapsulate the best from the online units of the Linguascope website. The first page comprises the familiar vocabulary presentation with native-speaker audio, while the following three pages test the student on reading, listening and writing skills in the topic area.

Where a SCORM resource differs from an ordinary website with interactive activities is how it handles assessment data: scores and answers can be passed back to the LMS and recorded for the student and teacher to track progress. Many LMS include an ‘electronic markbook’ which collates the performance of students across a range of SCORM resources.

Image Bank

High Quality Images for you to download and use in your own presentations and worksheets. Give your resources that special edge with Linguascope illustrations.

  • Search within the 66 topics available.
  • If you do not find an image that is suitable, email Linguascope and they will create one especially for you.

Games and Ideas

Quick 5-10 minute games and ideas for use in your classroom – many can be used cross curricula.

The Linguascope website contains hundreds of language games and activities developed to match curriculum requirements. The games are organised in topic areas. Each topic area is composed of a series of activities and accompanied by a printable worksheet that can be used as extension or consolidation work at the end of a lesson, or for homework.


Fun for Students – 5 Languages 3 Levels

  • Accessible to students at school and home.
  • Fun and engaging
  • Relevant to the curriculum


New Zealand Year 1-9, Australian Year 1-8.

Set in a galaxy of planets students have fun with the martians as they begin to learn their new language. Download and print worksheets relating to the activities.

Visit the Linguascope Free Preview Site

Certificates can also be printed off for each galaxy.

Topics include: greetings, saying how you are, numbers 1-12, classroom instructions, pencil case, saying how old you are, countries, nationalities, days of the week, weather, alphabet, family, pets, colours, months, numbers 1-31, birthdays…


New Zealand Year 7-13, Australian Year 6-12.

Set under the sea, students learn vocabulary by playing games like tetris, hangman, memory game, noughts and crosses etc. With an end of unit test and printable worksheets, students can see their progress.

To see some of what is available, be sure to visit the Linguascope Free Preview Site

Topics include: animals, clothes, daily routine, hobbies, housework, sports, pencil case, school subjects, household items, nationalities, jobs, colours, aches and pains, bedroom, means of transport, countries, telling the time, the weather, fruit, vegetables, classroom objects, party food, accommodation, rooms, places in town, work, places, the body, shops, TV programmes, types of films, breakfast, carnival, Christmas, Christmas gifts, Easter…


New Zealand Year 10-13, Australian Year 9-12.

Students are placed in realistic situations. They will develop sentence structure and past, present and future tense as they unjumble text messages, write sms messages, play the wheel of riches, compete against their friends, play word games an do role plays. Worksheets on each topic are also available.

Visit the Linguascope Free Preview Site

Topics include: family and friends, pets, hobbies, sports, school, daily routine, healthy eating, pocket money, jobs, going out, the media, house, local environment, weather, holidays, tourist office, travel and transport, lost property, finding the way, the hotel, the campsite, the train station, eating out, the bank, the post office, the doctor’s, shopping, social issues, young people, culture…

Linguascope on the Go

Mobile Linguascope is a service that allows you to learn, revise and practice vocabulary in French, Spanish, German, Italian and English on your mobile phone!

Enjoy using Linguascope language learning resources on the move! If you can access the Internet on your mobile phone, then why not try our Mobile Linguascope site? Mobile Linguascope is a service that allows you to learn, revise and practice vocabulary in French, Spanish, German, Italian and English!

If your school already has a subscription, you can access the service from any Internet-enabled phone. Linguascope does not charge you for using the service (but note that network charges may apply).


Students love competing against their peers. Students can play the interactive quiz in the language of their choice on the Linguascope website.

Alternatively, teachers can print off paper tests to organise their own language contest in school, using Linguascopes random quiz paper generator.

Media TV

This site will allow you to listen to radio stations and watch TV channels in French, Spanish, German, Italian and English.

Comic Strip Creator

Create your own comics by selection the background and characters. Add your own conversations in French, Spanish, German, Italian or English.

Face Builder

This is a good revision activity for describing people. Students can create their own faces, export them and then save or print them off, and use them for describing to others. Or, working in pairs, one student can describe a person in the target language and the other student can create it online.

Award-winning interactive language resource for schools

Linguascope has won an award from the British Cabinet for the best practice in the use of new technologies in education, has received a 5 star rating from and featured as website of the month in “The Guardian” and “The Times”.

Linguascope has subscribers in over 100 countries and is well suited to the NZ Curriculum.

New Beginnings is proud to present this affordable language solution to your school to support your teachers, motivate your students and satisfy your parents.

Registration gives access to all 5 languages – French, Spanish, German, Italian and ESOL and therefore can be used throughout your school.

Find out why Linguascope has a 99% re-subscription rate…

Sorry it took so long to respond to your email. I have been too busy investigating Linguascope and the many possibilities it offers our students. The clarity of the instructions together with attractive and colourful graphics will ensure that the site is a hit with our students. Already, some of my year 9 students have looked at the site and returned at lunchtime to have another go. I particularly like the idea that, because the content of the activities follows the NZ syllabus closely, it is easy to ask students to access the site outside class time. As a small school, we only have a limited amount of class time with our language students and it is great to be able to tell them to revise school work at night or at lunchtime via linguascope. The worksheets too are well presented and simple in content, thus instilling confidence in our students’ ability to understand and participate in oral activities in the classroom. They are also a good way of helping each student work at his/her own pace. Hooking on to the website was very fast. I rang on Wednesday and the passwords were issued the following day. By week’s end I was able to assess the material and include it in my class planning for the following week.

Thank you for introducing our school to this wonderful resource.

Jacqueline Guile, East Otago High School

Linguascope has proved to be an invaluable tool for me as a secondary school teacher of French and Spanish. We have subscribed now for three or four years and the students love it. As a teacher I can use it on my Smartboard to introduce all new language to my students. It also allows me to allow my students to follow individual programmes of learning and revision. They can work at school and at home improving their vocabulary according to their interests. In fact we think it is so successful that this year our ESOL teachers have shared the subscription with us. Teachers can download ready made worksheets and there is a page where we professionals can share resources. The vocabulary ties in nicely with the levels 1-4 of the New Zealand Curriculum, therefore is most useful at years 7-10 if there are programmes running in languages at these year levels.

Thanks again.

Karen Hollis, Gisborne Girls High School

As a teacher in a small school, with multi-level languages classes and variable numbers of students taking languages, I have found Linguascope extremely useful. It provides constantly updated material arranged in useful topics across both the languages I teach (French and Spanish). With the one subscription I can cater for the absolute beginners through to those at NCEA Level 2 or 3. Pupils love the variety of the various Linguascope sites and have great fun while learning. From my own point of view I find the shared teacher resources and the downloadable worksheets very useful. I am really looking forward to using the new media page this year, which I think will be great for stimulating the seniors to discuss current events in France and Spain.

Paula Henderson, Rodney College

We are pleased with the improvements to Linguascope since we last subscribed which was a couple of years ago. We find it particularly good because students can work at their own level and pace on the programme. It’s a good tool for differentiation with some students consolidating what they know and others launching off into new areas and extending their grasp of the language.

Many thanks.

Janet Welch, Westlake Girls High School

We have found Linguascope to be a great learning tool and a support for our Year 9 taster courses in French and German. The activities are interesting and fun, and reinforce vocabulary in many every-day situations typically covered in the classroom. It helps to make language learning more accessible for a wide range of learning styles. The students love the computer-based games and activities!

Many of the downloadable resources are also a great help for busy teachers who want a worksheet or powerpoint quickly and don’t have a lot of time to make up their own. It will never replace your regular teaching, but adds a new dimension to language learning for beginners.

Claire Garton, Christian Renewal School

We subscribed to Linguascope and find it brilliant. I’ve got an interactive whiteboard so I use it all the time for review, introducing new vocab eg colours in year 9 as it has sound and the students love the games. We use these sometimes for team games as review and team building and light relief with the whiteboard, but they’re also great for students to work on independently at home eg for homework and review. I’ve just discovered the blogs and this is going to be my challenge this year. As we have a school intranet system ie First Class, I want to put links to some of this in the year groups and topics so that students can access them from home for listening practice. So it is a great investment and I would recommend it highly for French and German.

Jeni Lemberg, Nelson College for Girls

Can I Use Linguascope on an iPad?

Yes. Simply download the app onto each iPad and you are good to go.

 Linguascope Free Apps

Linguascope Elementary

Frequently Asked Questions

If your questions is not answered below, email us with your question.

When will I be able to log in?

Once we’ve received your fully completed subscription form, your account is usually activated within 24 hours. We will send you a fax to confirm the set up has been completed. We will also email you a copy, so be sure to include your email address.

Do I have to subscribe to all languages/levels/sections or can I pick and choose?

Having a complex set of different options would mean that we spend more time helping schools choose what is best for them. The resulting constant upgrade and downgrade process would not be the best use of our time either.

Offering all our resources to every subscriber in a single package allows us to reduce time spent on administration and ultimately to offer an affordable subscription to all.

I’m an individual (teacher/parent/student). Can I subscribe?

In an effort to cut down on administrative work, Linguascope is now only available to schools. If you are a parent/student, check whether your school has a subscription. If so, simply ask your teacher for the login details as students are allowed to access the site from home if the school has purchased a site subscription. If your school does not have a subscription, you may wish to purchase it on their behalf, and then your family can also use it.

Does our subscription cover our feeder or partner schools?

A single subscription covers one school.  If a school has different campuses (i.e. different addresses) than a separate subscription will be required for each campus..

What if I cannot afford the subscription price?

Funding Linguascope within a school can be shared with the Library (if students can access computers in the library), ESOL, RTLB, Technology and of course Languages. Much of Linguascope can be used in a cross-curricular environment and therefore other departments may be able to contribute. With Linguascope being able to be accessed by the students family at home, a Languages fee may be charged to go towards your subsciption.

3 Easy Steps to Order Linguascope

  1. Download an order form
  2. Complete the order form
  3. Fax or email the order form to iLearn Interactive
  4. Special price for schools under 200 students, contact us for information

Renewing your Linguascope Subscription

To renew your subscription, follow the same steps as for ordering. You can keep your username the same each year but you do need to choose a new password and confirm contact details.

  • New Zealand Fax (09) 4314415
  • Australia Fax (+649) 4314415

Usually within 24 hours you will receive a fax confirming your access details. We will then invoice your school. You and your students will then enjoy access to Linguascope for 12 months.