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Maths-Whizz – 21st Century Learning for 21st Century Students and 21st Century Teachers


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Personalised Learning

Reaching Each Child

Maths-Whizz enables teachers to deliver online personalised learning – not just for practice and review, but to introduce new concepts when students are ready. This is differentiated instruction at its best.

Student Engagement

Happiness in Num6ers

There is a magical moment in every teacher’s career where each student is happily immersed in a lesson. We understand that these moments require engaging, meaningful instruction that helps build confidence.

In the Classroom

Helping Teachers Teach

Lesson planning is hard work – Maths-Whizz makes it easy. Maths-Whizz’s in-depth standards are currently aligned against UK KS1 and KS2 curriculum, but NZ Curriculum alignment is currently underway and is expected to be rolled out mid-2015. This means you’re free to do what you do best, teach.



How do you know your instructional plan is effective and your students are learning key material? Maths-Whizz simplifies accessing achievement data at the district, school, class and individual student levels. Does Maths-Whizz work? Check out this Maths Whizz Performance Analysis Report – Pt England.


Proven Effectiveness

Student confidence in maths improves almost immediately with Maths-Whizz because it significantly improves achievement levels. Studies show that, on average, students improve their Maths Age by 18 months in their first year of use when using Maths-Whizz for an hour a week.

Content Makes the Difference

Maths-Whizz Does More Than Provide Practice and Review – It Teaches

Educators who use Maths-Whizz are uniquely positioned to support their students on a personalised learning journey that ends in measurable gains. Built on research-based pedagogy, Maths-Whizz:

  • Is a rigorous maths curriculum that develops multi-step, critical-thinking skills in an engaging learning environment
  • Uses adaptive assessments to pinpoint the student’s Maths Age, including ongoing benchmark assessments
  • Prescribes a highly-personalised learning path based on ability rather than age
  • Responds to the student’s learning needs keeping students actively learning

Personalised Teaching for Every Student

Maths-Whizz simulates the best practices of the most effective teachers by creating an adaptive, interactive curriculum, specific to the student’s learning needs.

  • On-going, integrated assessments keep students on the right track
  • Multiple learning strategies for each maths topic
  • Self-paced curriculum to engage all students
  • Immediate feedback and help targeting your student’s needs

Instruction + Practice + Feedback = Success

Explicit instruction paired with meaningful practice and immediate feedback, consistently results in students who continue learning while building confidence and progressing toward their academic goals.


  • Teaches new concepts when students are ready to learn them, building on earlier skills
  • Has students practice skills so knowledge is reinforced
  • Provides feedback and help immediately, which reduces frustration and prevents burnout
  • Immediate feedback and help targeting your student’s needs

Motivation and Rewards

Maths-Whizz captures the attention of students with fun, interactive maths lessons that develop computational fluency, conceptual understanding and problem solving skills.

  • A game–like learning environment encourages students to practice and review by beating their previous scores
  • A variety of learning activities for each topic retain interest
  • Learning is encouraged through reward structures that keep students motivated to tackle new lessons and concepts as well as practising valuable skills


Reporting tools empower educators to make informed educational decisions that impact the learning outcomes for students.

Maths-Whizz records student progress every step of the way. Teachers see the skills each student masters, how long it took them to master the skills and how many times the Tutor intervened. Robust reports are available at the student, classroom and school levels.

The Ideal Solution

Imagine having a Classroom Assistant for every child in your class – with Maths-Whizz you can.

Maths-Whizz is an comprehensive solution that enables teachers to meet the diverse needs of 5-13 year olds. Used by more than 100,000 students worldwide, Maths-Whizz is proven to increase student achievement, build student confidence and help teachers get back to doing what they do best – teaching.

Integrated Assessments

Maths-Whizz’s initial placement assessment, integrated assessments and teaching methodology ensures the development of ongoing maths comprehension in students. Maths-Whizz’s assessments include:

  • Initial placement assessment: makes sure your students begin at the level that is right for them.
  • Integrated assessments: short tests at the end of each lesson ensure that students have mastered the topic before moving onto a more difficult skill.

Content Library

With over 1,200 interactive lessons aligned to your curriculum, as well as worksheets and classroom projects at your finger tips, Maths-Whizz makes it easy and efficient to find the tools you need.

Insightful and Intuitive Reports

Maths-Whizz reports allow you to review student data in a concise and meaningful way, providing real-time insights into how each student is progressing and precisely where they are having difficulties. Customise your reports at student, class and school levels.

Get real-time data on:

  • Student Maths Ages across your class or school
  • Assessment results
  • Academic progress
  • Areas of concern or learning gaps
  • Maths-Whizz effectiveness

Home to School Connections

Learning doesn’t have to stop when the bell rings. Students can access their personalised Maths-Whizz accounts virtually anywhere they have internet access. Reinforce the home to school connection by providing parents with information on the progress their children are making in Maths-Whizz.

Product Comparison

Features Maths-Whizz Teacher's Resources Maths-Whizz Tutoring Plus
Real-Time Progress Reports No Yes
Integrated Assessment No Yes
Interactive Lessons Yes Yes
Classroom Activities Yes No
Guided Practice Yes Yes
Interactive Dictionary Yes Yes
Customisable Lesson Plans Yes No
Virtual Whizz Worlds No Yes
24/7 Site Access No Yes
School-wide License Yes No
Includes Content Yes Yes
Interactive Board Ready Yes No
Web-based Yes Yes
Home to School Connections No Yes
Curriculum Alignment Charts Yes No
Teacher Directed Yes No

Real Classrooms. Real Results.

Maths-Whizz is helping students, teachers, schools and regions around the world see real and sustainable growth in student achievement.

Studies show that Maths-Whizz not only improves student confidence in maths almost immediately, but also that Maths-Whizz has a significant impact on student achievement. On average, students improve their Maths Age by 18 months in their first year of use when using Maths-Whizz for an hour a week.

Effectiveness Studies

Proof Pack.

Effectiveness studies have demonstrated that, on average, students improve their maths age by 18 months in their first year of use when they use Maths-Whizz for an hour a week.


The Teachers at Kings School have been enjoying using Maths-Whizz Teacher Resource. I have been very impressed with the quality of the animations, delivery of the content and the way it presents strategies in a fun and engaging way for the boys. The Maths-Whizz interactive whiteboard is easy to use and has enhanced our teaching of maths.

Dave McEwan, Deputy Headmaster Kings School, Auckland

Teachers are enjoying being able to see the student results displayed graphically so they can see at a glance what are the ‘next steps’ for each individual. It is wonderful to see the kids so excited about Maths that they are spending their weekends on Maths-Whizz.

Dorothy Burt, eLearning Team Leader, Pt England School

Maths Whizz is a 21st century ‘Pandora’s box’! It provides access to resources that allow the modern teacher to personalize learning for their students. The learner’s individual results speak for themselves.

Ken Pemberton, Principal, Murrays Bay School

The students at Mangawhai Beach School are buzzing about their new and personally designed and driven mathematics computer based programme, Maths Whizz. By providing individualised learning pathways that meet the mathematical learning needs of our students we are beginning to see improvements in maths across the school.

Aaron Kemp, Principal, Mangawhai Beach School

We purchased Maths-Whizz for the teachers to use across groups on their interactive whiteboards and they just love it.

Anne Malcolm, Principal, Ponsonby Primary School

Maths Whizz is proving to be a successful programme with children regardless of their mathematical ability. It has been easy to navigate and the teachers are finding it to be a valuable resource.

Susan Robins, DP, Ponsonby Primary School.

National Curriculum

Maths-Whizz provides teachers with a comprehensive curriculum that supports whole class, small group and 1:1 instruction. Maths-Whizz provides a rigorous curriculum, personalised learning, ongoing assessment and access to detailed progress reports. It is now aligned to the NZ Curriculum, reporting directly against NZC Achievement Objectives!

Maths-Whizz reports directly against NZC Achievement Objectives

How Schools Use Maths-Whizz

Maths-Whizz provides a student-centric approach that empowers classroom teachers, schools and regions to effectively differentiate instruction in any classroom setting.

Classroom Supplement

In the classroom, Maths-Whizz can be used to support whole class, small group and one-to-one teaching sessions. Aligned to National Curricula, Maths-Whizz is easily integrated into any classroom curriculum. Educators use Maths-Whizz to supplement daily lesson plans, as a tool to teach new concepts, review and practice skills or to provide personalised learning.

Gifted and Talented

Challenging Gifted and Talented students can be, well, a challenge. Maths-Whizz integrated into programmes that support and enable independent learning and provide your gifted students with the opportunity to continue learning at their own pace. Your students have unlimited access to tuition, practice and maths review.

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Key government directions, in terms of funding, aim at SEN – empowering parents to participate positively in making decisions around their special needs statemented child’s education. Maths-Whizz is an ideal resource for children with disabilities or Special Needs as it adapts to a student’s level and pace while creating a customised learning path. The data reporting tools allow teachers to monitor progress in real time and provides the information necessary to target tuition based on each student’s individualised needs.

Sample Lessons

Take a look at a sample of the lessons, virtual manipulative tools and classroom maths activities. Use any of our free maths lessons to introduce, review or practise maths skills. These interactive lessons help teachers build mathematical understanding while making maths fun.


Maximise your Maths-Whizz experience with free product presentations. Our presentations are designed to introduce you to Maths-Whizz, teach you about new features and content, and help you get started in the classroom.

Interested in Maths-Whizz but not sure where to start? Talk to an expert for package options, free trial access and to organise a presentation. Learn about Maths-Whizz’s approach to teaching, how it works and how it can help you significantly raise your school’s standards in maths. Whether you have 15 minutes or 1 hour, we can provide you with the information you need at a time that is convenient for you.

Information Resources

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An overview of the Maths-Whizz individualized tutoring experience

Logging In

Logging into the new user interface and an overview of the reporting features.

NZ Curriculum Reporting

Maths-Whizz now reporting directly against NZC Achievement Objectives. How to use this powerful tool in your lesson planning to directly address your students’ needs.